WMU has devoted itself to making disciples of Jesus who live on mission.  We are dedicated to working with churches and believers to accomplish the mission of God.

Missions Discipleship

How are you engaging your church in missions discipleship?

With WMU’s missions discipleship resources, you can teach every age level in your church—from preschoolers to adults—all about Southern Baptists’ missions work throughout the world.

These resources will equip you to provide holistic missions opportunities for your faith community to learn about missions, pray for missions, support missions, do missions, and share the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

We invite you to discover an active, authentic faith through our biblically sound learning opportunities and meaningful missions experiences.

Compassion Ministries

WMU’s Compassion Ministries offer you the opportunity to directly take action to alleviate suffering both here in the US and around the world.

When you partner with the ministries of Christian Women’s Job Corps/Christian Men’s Job Corps, WorldCrafts, Project HELP: Refugees, and Pure Water/Pure Love, you can:

  • bring assistance to those who live in poverty,
  • offer hope to victims of human exploitation,
  • create a sense of belonging and safety for refugees,
  • provide relief to those in need of humanitarianaid, and
  • support vulnerable children and the familiesthat care for them.

Leadership Development

WMU Leadership Development resources offer you the opportunity to discover and develop your leadership gifts and skills.

We provide resources to help you serve effectively as God calls you in life, the marketplace, and the church.

Visit ChristianLeaderLearning.com to learn more about the courses and enrichment opportunities currently being offered. They are now online for enrollment.

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Arizona WMU helps local churches encourage mission’s awareness, support and involvement. Arizona WMU has missions programs for all ages, infants to adult, for women as well as men.

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